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Size of a standard hallway closet. 5-10 boxes.  Seasonal items,
clothes, double mattress.
5x10One to two rooms of furniture.  Bicycles, 10-20 boxes and other small items.
5x15Furnishings from 1-bdm apt. w/o appliances, boxes, and other small items
10x10Contents of a small two bedroom apt. or condo, refrigerator, washer/dryer, 30-50 boxes and small items.
10x15Contents of a large two bedroom apt. condo or small house, refrigerator, washer/dryer, 50-70 boxes and small items.
10x20Furnishings from small house with appliances, boxes, or car, truck or boat.
12x30Furnishings from 3-bdm house with appliances, or car, truck or boat.
12' x 12' sliding door and very tall ceilings in these units.
12x60Limited AvailabilityCall for availability.  Has 12'x12' slide doors on both ends